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" Beauty-Searcher"


Actor, jurnalist, author, consultant and translator of books and articles about cats and dogs. 

Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Agriculture for Animal Protection (2020 - 2023).

The 1st Vice President of the word's largest felinological federation - WCF (World Cat Federation) since 2019.

Since 2024 January acting as director of the Municipal Animal Shelter in Łódź.

International Felinological All-Breed Judge: licence in WCF, guest judge in: CFA, ICU, TICA, ASC... and others, in FIFe 1993-2013, judging the beauty of cats in most countries in the world where cat exhibitions are organized.

Lecturer in felinology, genetics and welfare at animal seminars in many countries around the world.

FPL "Felis Polonia" President (2005-2013), FIFe Show Commission chairman (2001-2010), Candidate for FIFe President on the GA 2010, since 2014 Honorary President of FPL "Felis Polonia", President of SKR (Purbreed Cats Association ) in Poland.

Editor-in-chief of KOT ("Cat") magazine (2005-2010). Coomissioner of the World Cat Show' 2011 in Poznań - PL (largest cat show - more then 1500 cats!).

Creator & organizer of World Cat Day in Poland (17th February) with title "Cat Person of the Year".

One of the first Chinese Crested Dog breedre, ex-breeder of Persian, Siamese & Oriental and Abyssinian cat lover & ex-breeder, cattery "Adalbertus"and Whippet, Deerhound and Rabbit size Dachshound under the prefix "Dew".

Chairperson of Group X (FCI) sighthounds section and Board member & Chairpersin of Kennel Club - Łódź (PL) 2011-2022.

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