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About "Adalbertus" cattery and the breeder.

Adalbertus Cattery (before under the name Dew) exist since 1985.

At the beginning I was breeding the Persians and Exotics, then long time Siameses and Orientals. Several years in my home was living wonderful maine Coon male. Some time ago I deciced to have the Abyssinians, one of the most beautuful and elegant cat breed with charming temperament.


I'm in the cat world the International Felinological All-Breed Judge: FIFe 1993-2013, since 2013 in WCF, Guest judge in: CFA, ICU, TICA... and others.

FPL "Felis Polonia" President (2005-2013), FIFe Show Commission chairman (2001-2010), Candidate for FIFe President on the GA 2010, since 2014 Honorary President of FPL "Felis Polonia". Editor-in-chief of KOT ("Cat") magazine (2005-2010), author of articles and books about the cats. Coomissioner of the World Cat Show' 2011 in Poznań - PL (largest cat show - more then 1500 cats!). Creator & organizer of World Cat Day in Poland (17th February) with title "Cat Person of the Year".

I'm also Whippet breeder, under the kennel name -  "Dew". 


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